The Cook Islands National Commission for Information and Communication has been requested to seek information from relevant organisations, and to coordinate responses into a country report.  The survey has been prepared by UNESCO to ascertain how the Cook Islands is progressing towards achieving the Strategic Objective J of the Beijing Declaration, Media and Gender, from the standpoint of government actions.  The survey will not only raise awareness as to how media can be integrated into gender policies and strategies locally but it will also contribute to UNESCO’s 20 year review of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action through the publication and dissemination of the research results.


THE SURVEY – please click onto the appropriate section heading below

The questionnaire has been broken up into three sections and all sections are open to all survey recipients. You are not obliged to respond, but your responses would be valuable for the Cook Islands country report to UNESCO.

Section 1: Introduction                                                 

Introduction (Q1-5)                                                         Open to all respondents. Other sections are
…                                                                                        identified separately.

I. Policy, Legal, Regulatory Framework  and                OPM, PSC, Ministries of Justice, Internal Monitoring   (Q6-11)                                                        Affairs, Police, Justice, Crown Law, BTIB, …                                                                                         Media organisations, NGOs (including, PTI, …                                                                                         NCW, BPW)

II. Employment and Career Development                  OPM, PSC, Division of Labour, Internal
(Q 12-15)                                                                          Educational Institutions

Section 2:

III. Education, Training and Skills Building                  OPM, PSC, Educational Institutions (including (Q16-26)                                                                            schools and USP), Ministry of Education, …                                                                                        Internal Affairs, Media Organisations, NGOs

IV. Research (Q27-28)                                                     OPM, PSC, Ministry of Education
…                                                                                         Educational Institutions (including schools
…                                                                                         and USP, Media organisations, NGOs

Section 3:

V.  Public Awareness and dialogue                              OPM,PSC, Internal Affairs (including Gender), (Q29-33)                                                                            Media Organisations, Educational
…                                                                                        institutions, NGOs

VI. Gender in media content                                        OPM, PSC, Internal Affairs (Gender), Media (Q34-43)                                                                           Organisations, Educational Institutions, NGOs