“Promoting fair trade practices and competition in the Cook Islands”

If you would like more on:

  1. how to prevent unfair and unsafe trading practices and false and misleading representations, (Fair Trading)
  2. how to protect your rights as a consumer, (Consumer Guarantees)
  3. how the prices of basic commodities and services are controlled to ensure fair prices of those products and services, and prevent unfair trade practices (Control of Prices).

Contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs now on 29370 and ask to speak with a member of the Consumer Services Division.


Consumer Guarantees Act 2008

Control of Prices Act 1966

Control of Prices Amendment Act 1971-1972

Control of Prices Amendment Act 1973

Fair Trading Act 2008

Small Claims Tribunal Act 2008


Why are the prices of goods in shops increasing dramatically?

Prices in the Cook Islands are mainly determined by the market price in NZ.  Other factors that influence price are shipping costs, local input costs such as electricity, fuel, levies, taxes, etc. Also affecting prices are the industry costs, such as wages and salaries, maintenance and of course, profit margin.  For further information on price increases, contact our office on 29370 and ask to speak with a member of the Consumer Services.

What is the effect of the increase in levies on goods and services?

This will have a direct increase on the price sold to the end consumer. This increase should not excessively exceed the increase in the Levy.

For more information contact the Consumer Services Division on 29370