The Government’s Special Assistance Project Fund (SAF) is a Welfare Product that addresses the very basic and urgent needs of specific vulnerable elderly and disabled beneficiaries, of the Cook Islands Welfare System. The purpose of the fund is to improve the living condition of our beneficiaries, strictly in the form of purchasing building materials for accessible purposes, and providing assistive devices to:

  • individual/couple elderlies who are in need of accessible improvements must be living on their own, in which they are suffering from an illness that is causing deterioration to their medical and physical condition, and whereby their only source of income is the Old Age Pension.
  • disabled applicants who are need of assistive devices must be profoundly powerless to support herself/himself because part or whole body is affected by some form of the disease that was either inherited or acquired through some unexpected accident/s, causing severe and permanent injury to the individual in which his/her livelihood solely depends on existing family members.

For more information or to apply for SAF, please contact our office phone 29370 or our Pa Enua Welfare Officers.