• This allowance is in respect of the new born child who is in need of accessories after birth.
• One – off payment paid out to the parent’s or legal guardians who are responsible for the care of the child.
• A lump sum payment of $1,000 will be paid out upon receipt of application.

• New Born Babies.
• Cook Island or Permanent Resident children born in the Cook Islands or overseas.
• Child born overseas must prove mother as usually resident of the Cook Islands 12 months prior to giving birth.


1. Collect application from Main Office in Tupapa OR download below.

2. Application must be made within 6 months from the date of birth of the child.

3. Fill and sign form; attach required documents.

4. Submit complete application to Main Office or email it to: [email protected]

Child Benefit & New Born Allowance Application Information


The period recipient of the Welfare Benefit are allowed overseas while still receiving the benefit depends on the payment that you receive, for example:

  • Old Age Benefit– you can receive your benefit for up to six months absence from the Cook Islands
  • Child Benefit– you can receive the benefit for up to 4 weeks absence of the child from the Cook Islands
  • Destitute, Infirmed & Care-giver allowance– you can receive the payment for up to one month absence from the Cook Islands


Recipient of the Cook Islands Benefit must immediately inform Ministry of Internal Affairs if:

  • intending to travel overseas, whether for holiday or permanently
  • personal details change (name, address or bank account)
  • granted an overseas benefit or pension
  • living arrangement and circumstances changes