The Cook Islands Social Impact Fund (SIF) is a contestable grant fund administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The SIF is designed to contribute to the achievement of the national sustainable development plan goals through national social policies developed by the Ministry.

The SIF is fully funded by the Cook Islands Government to support Registered Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Civil Society groups, Sports and Faith based organisations and Community groups. Calls for proposals to access the SIF are made at least once a year for Project Funding and once every three years for Programme Funding.

The SIF provides for the delivery of quality services by Civil Society Organisations to meet the needs of those most vulnerable and is focused on priority areas. These areas are primarily aligned to:

Goal 9: Accelerate gender equality, empower all women and girls and advance the rights of Youth, the elderly and disabled
Goal 7: Improve health and promote healthy lifestyles

Proposals that meet the needs of one or more of the above priorities may be considered, provided that clear links can be shown.

Priority AreasOutcomesOutputs
Gender EqualityParticipation of women and girls, men and boys, transgender in economic development Equitable participation of women and men in decision making, governance and political representation CSO Partnership Policy
National Social Policies (Administer by the Ministry of Internal Affairs) Social Impact Fund Administration processes and Documents Training and support to Cook Islands CSO’s
Children and YouthParticipation of youth in economic, education & lifelong opportunities Strengthening strong family values, cultural and support systems

Improved living conditions, health and welfare of children The care and protection of children and young people at risk
DisabilitiesParticipation of people with disabilities in economic and employment, education, cultural, spiritual and recreation at all levels of family, community, island and national life

Provision and support services to improve living conditions, health and welfare to all persons with disabilities and their families
The ElderlyParticipation of older persons in economic and employment, education, cultural, spiritual, and recreation at all levels of family, community, island and national life
Provision and support services to improve living conditions, health and welfare of older persons
Domestic ViolenceElimination of violence against women and children
Provision of support services to survivors, perpetrators and families of domestic violence
Mental HealthParticipation of people with mental disorders in all levels of family, community, island and national life Provision of social care services in community based such as Suicide, NCD’s, Respite care

Social Impact Fund Structure

The SIF has two components – a programme component and a project component. Proposals that involve activities in the Pa Enua are assessed favourably.

Component One: Project Funding
This is for small scale initiatives that can be completed within one year for proposals between $5,000 to $20,000.

Component Two: Programme Funding

Programme funding is for the delivery of targeted services to a specified priority area for up to three (3) years for proposals between $50,000 to $150,000.

Fund Conditions

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) applying for funds must:
 Be a Cook Islands registered CSO and operate in the Cook Islands
 Have a local bank account in the name of the CSO, with a minimum of two signatories
 Maintain high standards of governance, conduct, and meet their reporting and accountability obligations
 Obtain Island Government endorsement and ensure alignment with the Island Development Plan, if they operate in the Pa Enua
 Liaise with the Revenue Management Division, of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) regarding tax obligations for employees/staff such as Pay as You Earn (PAYE) Tax, including Valued Added Tax (VAT) reimbursement and exemptions as a registered CSO

 Liaise with the Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund (CINSF) Office regarding superannuation obligations for employees

SIF does not support the following activities and costs:
 Prizes, Gifts and Awards
 Cash Awards or Prizes including Donations
 Micro credit loans
 Social functions – other than workshops, conferences, meetings.
 Scholarships and internships
 Political activities – other than education and voter awareness programmes
 Humanitarian aid (e.g. food and relief supplies after cyclones)
 Projects which benefit only individuals or individual families
 Purchase of motor vehicles as defined in the Government Financial Policies & Procedures Manuel
 Agricultural chemicals
 Religious/evangelical activities

o other than the activities of the Religious Advisory Council (RAC) that support national events
o designed to promote a particular religious belief e.g production or distribution of religious material, establishment of churches
o projects which require beneficiaries/communities to follow a particular set of beliefs in order to be involved in the project
o projects which have multiple objectives, need to be specific
o projects where the beneficiary is a religious institution as distinct from the local community

All activities and payments for goods and services are to be made only in the Cook Islands Considerations on a case by case basis will be made where products are not available locally. SIFs will be allocated in an equitable and contestable process, consistent with the Cook Islands Government standards of accountability and transparency as per Part C, section 8 of the Cook Islands Government Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.

Support and training will be provided in results-based planning, delivery and reporting on funded projects and programmes to enable organisations to account for outcomes. In recognition of the value of multiyear funding, long term partnerships will be sought with CSOs

Fund Evaluation Criteria
Proposals must meet administrative requirements below, before being evaluated.

Administrative requirements include:
 Proposals must be received by or before the closing date for receiving proposals
 CSOs must meet the Fund conditions outlined in this Policy
 Proposals must be completed on SIF templates

Proposals are assessed against the following non price and price criteria.

Non-price (75%)

Relevance – The extent to which proposals are aligned to the NSDP goals, priority areas and outcomes of the SIF

Effectiveness – The extent to which proposals demonstrates how results (outcomes and outputs) will be achieved

Efficiency – How well the proposal has outlined its intended use of resources to achieve results

Sustainability – The extent to which the benefits of the proposal’s activities will continue after SIF has been withdrawn

Impact – The long term positive and negative changes produced by the proposal at a community and national level in addressing the needs of vulnerable people

Mutual Accountability – Proposals indicate that CSO’s are accountable for results consistent and use transparent processes

Experience in delivering the identified service – the extent that the organisation can show long term commitment and experience in effective delivery of service

Harmonisation – Proposals show collaboration with other CSOs, government organisations where possible in an effort to reduce duplication

Pa Enua – Proposals should show the inclusion of Pa Enua activities and cost of service delivery and budget for this

Price (25%)

Proposed budgets are within the allocated amount for the fund and Prices are fair and follow the Cook Island Government Financial Policies and Procedures Manuel (CIGFPPM).

National Social Policies
(Administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (These policies will be updated after timely reviews)
1. Gender Equality
– CIs National Gender Policy on Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment (NPGEWE), 2018 – 2028
2. Children and Youth
– Family Protection and Support Act 2017
– Te Pito Manawa O te Anau, CI National Policy Framework for Children 2017 – 2021
– CIs Suicide Prevention Strategy, 2016 – 2021
– CIs National Youth Policy – Back to Basics for Youth, 2015 – 2020
3. Disabilities
– CIs Disability Inclusive Development Policy and Action Plan, 2014 – 2019
4. Elderly
– Kaveinga No Te Rauti Maori, reviewed September 2018
5. Domestic Violence
– CIs Family Health Safety Survey(FHSS) Report 2014, Te Ata O Te Ngakau
6. Mental Health
– CIs Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy 2016 – 2020
– CIs Mental Health and Well-Being Policy 2015


Ms. Angela Charlie

INTAFF Rep – Director Corporate

Ms. Rowena Newbigging

MOE Rep – Director Finance

Dr. Nuhisifa Williams

TMO – Manager Policy & Planning

Ms. Marie Francis

CSO/NGO Rarotonga Rep – Chairperson 2020/2021

Mr. Makiuti Tongia

CSO/NGO Rarotonga Rep

Mrs. June Hosking

CSO/NGO Pa Enua Rep


Mrs. Nooroa Numanga

INTAFF Rep – Director SPS

Mrs. Elizabeth Iro (2017/2018)

TMO Rep – Secretary

Mrs. Daphne Ringi (2018/2020)

TMO Rep – Director Planning & Funding

Ms. Lavinia Tama (2017/2018)

MFEM – Director DCD

Mrs. Michelle Aisake (2018/2020)


Mrs. Elizabeth Ponga

CSO/NGO Rarotonga Rep – Chairperson 2017/2018

Mr. Teariki Rongo

CSO/NGO Rarotonga Rep – Chairperson 2018/2019

Ms. Princess Elia Raukete

CSO/NGO Pa Enua Rep – Chairperson 2019/2020