Press Release – Accidents on the work place

All accidents causing death or serious bodily injuries to workers need to be reported directly to the Labour and Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as soon as practicable, within 48 hours after the incident. Any injury that leads to hospitalisation of the worker for 48 hour within 7 days of the accident is considered as being serious.  

The Employer should conduct an internal investigation on the circumstances of the accident, including the worker’s feedback and provide a report of accident to the Ministry. The report should mention the nature of the accident, the details of the injured worker and the measures taken by the employer as a result of the accident.  

In some cases, the accident may lead to an application for workers compensation if the worker is not able to return to work for at least 4 days.

 Should the accident be a minor one and the worker is able to resume work without difficulty, there is no obligation to report it to the Ministry. But the employer must still list the incident in a register of accident as such register can be requested for sighting by the labour inspector during a site visit.

 For further enquiries related to accidents on the workplace or general labour and consumer related matters, kindly contact the Labour and Consumer Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs, on 29370 or by email