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Media Release; Women’s Business Forum, 9-10 March 2017


Women’s Business Forum, 9-10 March 2017

Excitement is building with the preparations of a series of activities next week, including a Women’s Business Forum, in commemoration of the annual International Women’s Day that will be celebrated on 8 March 2017.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been working with the National Council of Women (NCW) and Cook Islands Business and Professional Women Association (BPW) in bringing together women and relevant agencies to discuss the challenges and barriers that affect women’s participation in business and employment and to identify practical solutions that can make a difference for women.

“It will be an exciting week with the parliamentary training for women commencing Monday 6 March with a Practice Parliament on Wednesday 8 March,” stated Secretary of Internal Affairs Bredina Drollet.

“This will be followed by a one day Women’s Business Forum on Thursday 9 March where we are hoping to have open and honest discussions and the challenges facing women, but more so, identify what can individuals and agencies do to make a difference to assist women better access economic opportunities”.

On Friday 10 March, the Forum will operate as an exposition of support services that are available to women looking to enter business as well as a trade fair for women to exhibit their products.

“We have been encouraged by the support of BPW who will have a central role to play in the Business Forum and we thank Rangi Johnson and Teina Mackenzie for their active interest in the preparation of this event.”


In addition, on International Women’s Day, there will be a special breakfast jointly sponsored by the Ministry, Parliament and BPW on 8 March with guest speaker Lisa Marklund.

The Forum will be held at the Rarotongan Resort on 9-10 March. For further information on the International Women’s Day activities next week, please contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



Bredina Drollet, Secretary of Internal Affairs,





The Destitute and Infirmed Payment is set to increase from $165 a month to $200 a month from 1 July 2016 and the Old Age Pension rate for those aged 70 and over will increase from $650 a month to $660 a month.

The Destitute and Infirmed Payment is a means tested payment targeting working age people, primarily those with high disability needs, who are unable to secure employment. There are approximately 200 people currently receiving this payment.

While the rate is set to increase to $200 a month, the Government has stated an intention to progressively increase the Destitute and Infirmed Payment over time so that there is parity with the Old Age Pension.

The increase to the Destitute and Infirmed Payment was announced as part of the 2016-17 Budget at an additional cost of $92,000 bringing the total cost for the payment to $528,000 in 2016-17.

The increase in the Old Age Pension was originally announced last year and will cost an additional $87,000 bringing the total expected expenditure on the Old Age Pension for those aged 70 and over to $5.8 million in 2016-17. This is in addition to $6.3 million allocated in the 2016-17 Budget for Old Age Pensioners aged from 60 to 69.


The Price Tribunal is commencing a review of the new fuel pricing arrangements introduced in July 2015, as planned.

The key objective is to assess whether the objectives identified in the initial pricing review in January 2015 have been achieved, particularly whether the new pricing arrangements have delivered a reduction in the price of fuel for Cook Island consumers, offers improved protection to consumers, as well as assessing the effectiveness of bringing local market prices closer to global price movements and the equitable treatment of importers, wholesalers and retailers.

In addition, the review will also look at the efficacy of the new process, such as the administrative efficiency for all stakeholders including the necessary interactions with stakeholders in processing price orders.

The review will also take into account Pa Enua pricing arrangements, including Aitutaki.

The Review provides an opportunity for stakeholders to express their views on the new pricing arrangements and any other issues relating to fuel price regulation. The full details of the review are available at the Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will also be made available at all fuel retail outlets on Rarotonga and Pa Enua.

Extensive meetings with stakeholders, focus groups, questionnaires and data analysis will commence over the next few weeks with support from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

In addition, the Price Tribunal is inviting written submissions to be made by no later than 5 February 2016. The Price Tribunal encourages members of the public to take an active part in this process through written submissions to enable all views to be accurately reflected.

The Price Tribunal expects that the review will be finalised by the end of March 2016 with outcomes to be released in April 2016.





Mata Tangata

Price Tribunal Secretariat


Media Release – Cook Islands welfare beneficiaries to receive Christmas Bonus

21st December 2015

Government is pleased to announce that from Tuesday 22 December 2015, all beneficiaries receiving the Old Age Pension, Child Benefit, Infirm and Destitute payments from the Cook Islands Government will receive a $50 Christmas Bonus.

The payment will be made into the Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI) account of each beneficiary from Tuesday onwards.  The Christmas Bonus has been paid each year just before Christmas for over 10 years to assist beneficiaries during the busiest period in the Cook Islands.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Albert Nicholas, “many of our families are facing hardship and at the same time need to make contributions to various family and community events.  Government intends to provide assistance to families in this time of need so that the celebration around the birth of Christ is indeed a time of joy”.

The Christmas Bonus was approved by Parliament in the 2015-16 Budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with an allocation of $300,000.  It is expected that 5,436 beneficiaries on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua will be eligible to receive the $50 Christmas Bonus.


Media Release – International Youth Day, August 12th 2015

The United National International Youth Day will be held this Wednesday 12th August and this year’s theme is Youth Civic Engagement. This is a main goal of the UN system wide action plan on youth (Youth-SWAP) and it seeks to promote young people’s effective inclusive civic, engagement at all levels. Although no event has been organised for the Cook Islands to commemorate this day the Youth Division within the Ministry of Internal Affairs is getting behind the #youthpower campaign via social media and is encouraging all young people to support this campaign by:
1. Stand proud, strike your #YouthPower pose and catch it on your camera!
2. Post it on social media using #YouthPower.
3. Tag your friends and get them to share their poses. #YouthPower is stronger together.

A number of Pacific Islanders have already started the #Youthpower journey, and the Cook Islands should join in, to help commemorate this year’s International Youth Day.

In other youth news, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will is supporting the Cook Islands National Youth Council (CINYC) youth conference to be held 6th – 8th October this year. The program for the event has yet to be finalised.

And the Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to congratulate Regina Potini of Aitutaki who has been elected as CIP Director of Youth for the Pa Enua. We look forward to meeting with you.

Funding to improve economic empowerment of women and reduce domestic violence

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has signed service agreements with 5 key service providers valued at $614,000 over 3 years to support economic empowerment of women and eliminate violence against women, as part of the Australian Government funded Gender Equality and Empowerment Project.

“I’m looking forward to the roll out of these projects,” stated Secretary of Internal Affairs, Bredina Drollet, “and I would like to thank the various organisations and people that have given their time and assisted in developing these projects”.

The Chamber of Commerce will take on a lead role in coordinating activities that increase economic opportunities for women already in business or proposing to start up a business.

The Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) will provide both formal and informal training programmes and certificates which will help women learn more about business and business management.

These business courses will be supplemented by a mentoring programme which the Chamber of Commerce will coordinate to ensure that women in business who attend the CITTI courses have access to ongoing advice and guidance for their business development.

The National Disability Council will coordinate a programme that offers study, training and support into employment for women and girls with disabilities.

Punanga Tauturu (PTI) will lead the activity on eliminating violence against women. This is a specialist area in which they have worked for many years in collaboration with other key agencies – Police, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and a local men’s counselling service.

PTI will be responsible for developing a coordinated referral services policy, with support of relevant Government agencies, and has been provided with funding to enable women in need to access legal advisory services which were previously not available to them.

Training on improving public services in domestic violence cases will be provided by PTI on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua. The National Council of Women will provide advocacy services and training for women based on the results of the Ministry of Health’s 2014 Family Health and Safety Survey.

The Gender Project is funded by the Australian Government through the harmonised New Zealand Aid Programme. The funding is part of a $300 million commitment over 10 years to the Pacific under the Pacific Women Shaping Development Initiative.


Bredina Drollet, Secretary
Ph 29370

Increased Social Impact Funds to help the most Vulnerable

8 June 2015


Attn: News Editors/Chief Reporters

Budget 2015/16 – Increased Social Impact Funds to help the most Vulnerable

Minister for Internal Affairs announces increased funding to the Social Impact Fund to help the most vulnerable.

Minister for Internal Affairs, the Honourable Albert Nicholas, outlined that the Government will provide an ongoing annual increase to the Social Impact Fund of $60,000 from 1 July 2015.

Minister Nicholas pointed out the areas of great need. “These funds will be specifically dedicated to assist with the provision of services by NGO’s in the Pa Enua, particularly in the areas of mental health and disabilities.”

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bredina Drollet, welcomed the increased resources.  Drollet pointed out that whilst there has been a steady increase in the effort to address mental health and disability issues in Rarotonga, there was a need to reach out to communities in the Pa Enua who face the challenges which present in looking after family with disabilities or mental health issues.

The Social Impact Fund is a joint fund supported by the Cook Islands Government and the New Zealand Aid programme. Established in 2012, it provides contestable financial grant funding to nongovernmental organisations for the delivery of services in social priority areas identified by Government including disabilities, women and domestic violence.


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Welfare Beneficiaries to receive Christmas Bonus



 The Government has again approved the payment of the 2014 Christmas Bonus to the recipients of the Cook Islands welfare benefits. The $50 Christmas bonus is expected to have been paid into the Bank of Cook Islands accounts of 5,490 recipients on Rarotonga and in the Pa Enua since Monday 22 December 2014.

“This payment recognises the high costs and financial toll on families during the festive season due to the many functions that are planned at this time of the year,” stated Minister for Internal Affairs, the Hon. Nandi Glassie. “In this period of uncertainty, Government would like to spread the spirit of giving and to help alleviate some of the financial burden on families”.

In November 2014, the Cook Islands Parliament passed the 2014/15 Budget which included an allocation of $278,000 under the Welfare Payments allocation administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Christmas Bonus.

This Christmas Bonus payment was introduced in December 2003 as an alternative to the annual Christmas feast that had previously been provided for Old Age Pensioners.


Ngatuaine Maui
Welfare Director
Ph 29370