Social Policy

Child & Family Services Division

Anna-Faye Newbigging - Child & Family Officer

Anna-Faye Newbiggin – Child & Family Officer

Keeping children safe is the main part of our work. We work with other agencies and government departments such as the Ministry of Education & the Ministry of Justice to help children and young people and their families  find solutions to their own problems. Sometimes our work requires us to assist with or facilitate Family Group Conferences.

For more information about the work we do to support families and children, give us a call on 29370 and speak with one of our staff in the Child & Family Services division.


Youth Division

Charleen Hoff-Youth Officer

Charlene Hoff- Youth Officer

The Youth Division role is to develop and implement policies that encourage youth (15-24 years) to be productive and contributing members of society.

The Youth Division encourages participation in education, employment, community groups and decision making. For more information about the Youth Division, contact Charlene  at 29370.


nono Nooroa Numanga – Disability Director

The purpose of the Disability Division is to promote, support and improve the lives of Persons with a Disability through effective coordination, advisory and delivery of Government’s development processes on their human right.

The Cook Islands has taken positive steps in promoting the advancement of Persons with a Disability and ensuring their full participation and equality in the development processes of this country. The evidence of that commitment by Government was the formalization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as its’ focal arm responsible for the welfare of Persons with a Disability hence the appointment of an officer to administer their affairs.

For more information about support services available to Persons with a Disability, contact Nono on 29370

 Gender & Development Division

Ruta Pokura - Director of Gender & Development

Ruta Pokura – Director of Gender & Development

“Our people being able to fulfil their potential because they are empowered and have strong families and communities”.  Our role and function is to:

  • Improve Gender outcomes targeting economic opportunities and elimination of violence against women (AUSAID Gender Initiatives Funds)
  • Ensure effective management of Governments’ international obligation in reporting on the status of women to UN CEDAW Committee
Tupopongi Marsters - GADD Research and Information Officer

Pops Marsters – GADD Research and Information Officer

If you’d like more information about the FAMILY LAW BILL or the work that we do in our division contact us now on 29370 and speak with one of our staff.


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