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The Ministry of Internal Affairs invites from each Constituency on Rarotonga for the maintenance of public roads, lawn hedges and drains and over grown shrubs. Tender documents are available from our website or from Mr Henry Tupa, Coordinator for the Rarotonga Community Beautification Program and tender documents must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, labelled as “TENDER 19/22 RCBP Road Maintenance.” All tenders must be received by Thursday 6th June 2019 at 4 pm. For further information contact Henry Tupa on phone +682-29370 or email: alternatively, Angela Charlie on phone +682-29370 or email: OR click on the link below.

INTAFF RCBP Tender 2019-2022

Expressions of Interest – National Consultant – Gender Equality

National Consultant – Gender Equality

Expressions of Interest are invited for a National Consultant – Gender Equality, in the GenderDevelopment Unit, Social Policy & Services Division, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The contract for services on offer is to provide technical support to the Gender Development Unit, to complete specific tasks including assessment of the CI National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment & Strategic Plan of Action (2011-2016); support and strengthen collection and analysis of gender statistics; conduct scoping of potential donor support; and other general support to the Gender Development Unit. 

 The applicants to have demonstrated understanding of gender and development issues in the Cook Islands and global level best practice, significant experience in policy development and review, preferably in a government setting, and experience in data analysis and use of statistics.

 To view the Terms of Reference, enquiries and applications, please contact Helina Glassie on Ph: 29-370 or email


 Deadline to submit expressions of interest and quotes is on 1st December 2017.






Cook Islands Social Impact Fund – Request for Proposals – Project Funding


Request for Proposals – Project Funding

The Social Impact Fund (SIF) is a contestable fund to

assist delivery of priority social services by Civil Society Organisations and is administered by the Ministry of

Internal Affairs. Registered Civil Society Organisations

are now invited to tender for Project Funding in

the following priority areas:

Gender Equality; Children & Youth; the Elderly; Disability;

Domestic Violence; and Mental Health.

For further information and tender forms please visit the

Ministry of Internal Affairs website

or contact person: Angeline Tuara,, Tel +682 29 378.

Applications close 3.00pm Wednesday 13 October 2017

Documents attached;

Social Impact Fund Guidelines – 2003 version

SIF PRJ Proposal

SIF Policy edit

Reporting Template Final

PRJ Advert 2017

Evaluation Criteria

Contract PRJ 2017


Press release

Press release

Labour and Consumer Division meet with the Students Entrepreneurs.


The Labour and Consumer Division from the Ministry of Internal Affairs met with the students from the Pa Enua, participating in the BCI Business Challenge Trade Day.


This was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the legal rights and obligation in the business world. As the Director of Labour and Consumer explained, these young entrepreneurs represent the future of our economic prosperity. They are the next generation of employers and traders and therefore should be made aware of the legal responsibility coming with that status. The aim of the presentation was to expose the students to the contents of the Employment Relations Act 2012, the Fair Trading Act 2008 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 2008. Acknowledging the importance of financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship skills, the Director added that knowledge and awareness of the legal framework was also key to owning and driving a successful business. The feedback from both the students and the teachers was positive and request was extended to have this presentation included in the regular annual preparation for the BCI Business Challenge Event.

July Price Order

The Price Tribunal has issued the July Price Order 04/2017 for Rarotonga and all islands reflecting reductions in prices for petrol, diesel and LPG.

There is a 7 cent per litre decrease in the maximum wholesale and retail prices for petrol on Rarotonga, a 2 cent per litre decreases for diesel and a 5 cents per kg decrease in LPG. The maximum retail price that petrol can be sold to the public on Rarotonga is $2.03 cents per litre, $2.00 per litre for diesel and $4.16 per kg for LPG.

“The price reductions reflect an oversupply in fuel which has placed some downward pressure on global prices for petrol and diesel,” stated Price Tribunal President, Tatiana Burn, “however, despite the marked drop in global prices for LPG over May and June, we are expecting larger LPG price reductions to the Cook Islands will appear over future price orders later this year.”

Price Order 4/2017 sets the maximum allowable retail prices for petrol, diesel and LPG on Rarotonga and all Pa Enua. Full details of the new prices are contained in the new published price order and can also be accessed by contacting the Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The new prices will take effect from 15 July 2017 and will remain in force for the next two months until the next price order is issued in September 2017. Price inspections will be carried out and breach orders will be issued where there is non-compliance.

Consumers should expect to see the new prices clearly displayed at service stations for these price controlled

Price Order 04.2017


Ministry of Internal Affairs


Media – Release CINYC

The ministry of Internal Affairs wishes to share this Media  release from the Cook Islands National Youth Council  and wish their New  Committee members the best for the coming Year and hope to continue to work in partnership in empowering Youth in the Cook Islands….

“In  an official meeting, held on the 9th of February, the Cook Islands National Youth Council moved to replace outgoing President Ms. Naomi Manavaikai, who stepped down from the position in the same meeting. In true solidarity, Ms. Manavaikai expressed to the council that she had found the role to be rewarding but rather demanding and was happy to step down to allow for another member to lead the council.  She will continue to support the work of the council as a committee member.

In the same meeting, Ms. Sieni Tiraa was voted in as Ms. Manavaikai’s replacement, and has now assumed the role of CINYC president. Ms. Tiraa brings much enthusiasm and vitality to the work of the council and is more than ready to lead the team.

Other positions that became vacant at the said meeting included the Treasurer and Secretary. The role of Treasurer, vacated by Mr. Papamama Pokino, has now been taken up by Ms. Nukutau Pokura. The position of secretary, which was vacated by Ms. Tiraa after being elected President, was taken up by Ms. Piakura Passfield who is willing to assist the council to achieve its aspirations. In addition, Rotaract president, Mr. Daniel Fisher has rejoined the Council and Ms. Roimata Wilson resumes her role, both as committee members.

The Cook Islands Youth Council has a strong team with many passionate members wanting to ensuring and advocating for the best for our young people, in partnership with government and non-government stakeholders.

The revitalized council members 2017/18 are:

  • Ms. Sieni Tiraa (President)
  • Mr. Tereapii Tumutoa (Vice-President)
  • Mr. Liam Kokaua (Vice-President)
  • Ms. Nukutau Pokura (Treasurer/Public Relations)
  • Ms. Piakura Passfield (secretary)
  • Committee members: Ms. Rima Moekaa, Ms. Naomi Manavaikai, Mr. Daniel Fisher and Ms. Roimata Wilson

If any aspiring young activists out there in the community would like to become part of the council as a committee member, just contact Ms. Sieni Tiraa on 81423, email or drop us a message on Facebook for more details.


Public Notice – Minimum Wages Review Public Oral Submission

Public Notice

Minimum Wages Review Public Oral Submission

The Minimum Wage Review panel kindly invites the Public to attend the Minimum Wages Review Public Oral Submission Meeting, to be held at the Sinai Hall in Avarua on the 20th February 2017 from 5pm – 7pm.

The meeting initially organized for the Friday 17th February at the INTAFF premises is cancelled.

Deadline for written submissions remains on the 20th February 2017, COB.

For further information please contact our office via phone 29-370 or via email: or via Facebook message:




14 February 2017


The Price Tribunal is pleased with some improvements in fuel prices in the Pa Enua following the introduction of new margins for the Southern and Northern islands, as issued in the latest Price Order on 16 January 2017.

“There was a need to review the fuel price margins in the Pa Enua, as we recognised that they were outdated and not reflective of actual costs to supply fuel,” stated President of the Price Tribunal, Tatiana Burn.

“It is pleasing to see that progress is being made by Pa Enua retailers to comply with lower prices than has been the practice,” stated Burn, “and in particular, we congratulate Atiu as the first of the Pa Enua islands subject to Price Order 01/2017 to be fully compliant with the new petrol and diesel prices and commend those retailers on Atiu for this.

“The benefits to Atiu consumers is a 22% price reduction on petrol and a 25% reduction in the price of diesel compared with what was previously charged.”

Price inspections are carried out in the Pa Enua by Ministry of Internal Affairs’ officers on each of the Pa Enua. Following inspections over the past few weeks, a number of price order breach notices have been issued and continued non-compliance will result in legal action against those retailers.

Under Price Order 01-2017, the new maximum retail prices to the southern group is $2.87 for petrol and $2.80 for diesel and $3.02 for petrol and $2.95 for diesel in the northern group. Any non-compliance with these prices should be reported to the Internal Affairs’ Officer on the island or directly to the Senior Consumer officer on Rarotonga.

The LPG margins to the Pa Enua are still under review with new margins expected to take effect in the March Price Order at the latest. Consultations on the new margins for LPG will continue with Pa Enua Retailers.

In addition to Atiu, there is full compliance of retail prices of petrol, diesel and LPG on Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Pa Enua Fue Prices



Ministry of Internal Affairs





I te tua o te ture o te Employment Relations Act 2012, kua akapapu mai te Minita Nicholas i tetai au mema tangata i runga i te Moni Meangiti-Rava, no te akarakara anga i te moni meangiti-rava a te aronga angaanga i roto i te Kuki Airani.

Ko te au mema, koia oki ko Sandrina Thondoo, Tango Ropianga; Kaipo Ingram, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management; Steve Anderson, Chamber of Commerce (no te au Akaaere e te au Arataki i roto i te au ngai angaanga); Tuaine Maunga, Cook Islands Workers Association (no te au aronga angaanga); e Vaitoti Tupa, Cook Islands Civil Society Organisation e te mata no te au putuputuanga.

Ko te akakoroanga o teia au mema i roto i teia putuputuanga, ko te akarakara anga i te turanga o te Moni Meangiti-Rava e te tuku anga manako ki te Minita e nana e tuku i tetai tikaanga no te reira tuanga moni. E maata te au mea ka uriuriia e teia putuputuanga me akarakara ratou i teia tuanga moni.  I te mataiti 2006, kua akatinamou ia te moni meangiti-rava ki te $5.00 i te ora.  I te mataiti 2014, i muri ake i te akarakaraia akaou anga, kua kake mai te moni ki te $6.00 i te ora, e 20% i runga ake i te moni tei akanoo ia i te mataiti 2006.  I te mataiti 2015, kua akara ia akaou te reira moni e kua kake akaou mei te $6.00 ki te $6.25 i te ora.  Kua raveia te uipaanga mua a teia putuputuanga i te ra 1 no Peperuare 2017, e ka uipaanga putuputu katoa ratou a teia au marama nei ki mua i muake ka akanoo ei ratou i to ratou manako tikai.

I raro ake i te ture o te Employment Relations Act 2012, ka anoano ia te Minita o te Tango Ropianga kia akarakara akaou i te Moni Meangiti-Rava i te au mataiti katoatoa. Ei tauturu i teia akanoonooanga, e peapa tetai i maani ia e ka anoano ia te katoatoa rava kia tauturu mai i te akaki i te reira peapa.  Ko teia peapa, e peapa te reira i te akakite anga mai i tetai au tu kaui me kare i tetai au kimikimi anga manako tikai te ka inangaro ia no te akatinamouanga i te moni meangiti-rava, e ka tuku iatu na roto i te nuti peapa (Cook Islands News) a teia Maanakai e tu mai nei ki mua.  Ka tuku katoa iatu na runga i te roro kupenga I te mea oki e ka riro te moni-meangiti rava ei taui i te turanga o te au tangata katoatoa i roto i te Kuki Airani nei, ka anoano ia te katoatoa i te tuku manako mai.

Ka riro te au manako o te katoatoa i te tauturu i te Kavamani i te akanoo tinamou i te moni meangiti-rava i roto i to tatou basileia. Ka rave ia tetai uipaanga na te katoatoa, e tetai uipaanga na te au aronga mamaata, e ka tuku katoa ia na roto i te ratio, te pia avata tutu, e to te pa enua katoatoa.

Ka raveia te uipaanga a te katoatoa no te akatanotanoanga i te Moni Meangiti-Rava a te Varaire ra 17 no Peperuare 2017 i te tuaero i te avatea, ki ko i te Tango Ropianga i Tupapa. Ka rauka mai te reira au peapa i roto i te reo Maori e pera katoa te reo Papaa e ka tuku katoa iatu te reira ki to te pa enua katoatoa.  Ki to Rarotonga katoatoa, me ka tika kia tiki mai kotou i ta kotou peapa ki ko i te Tango Ropianga me kare tuku mai i tetai emere kia matou no tetai peapa naau.

Ka ariki rekareka ia toou manako e ka anoano ia koe kia tuku mai i te reira i roto i te uipaanga a te katoatoa, me kare na runga i te ratio, me kare tuku tika mai na roto i te emere ki te, me kare fax mai i taau peapa ki te numero +682 26370, me kare apai mai ki te Tango Ropianga i Tupapa. Ka piri teia a te Monite ra 20 no Peperuare 2017 no te mea ka inangaro ia te ripoti openga a teia putuputuanga kia tuku iatu ki te Minita a te ra 1 no Mati 2017.

Me ka inangaro tauturu koe no runga i te uipaanga a te katoatoa me kare tetai peapa naau, taniuniu atu ki te Tango Ropianga, Labour and Employment Relations Office i runga i te tereponi 29370 me kare emere



FINAL – 2017 MWReview Issues Paper MAORI

Word Count: 777

Issued by: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Contact: Sandrina Thondoo, Director of the Labour and Consumer Division & Elizabeth Hosking, Senior Labour Inspector- Ministry of Internal Affairs