Press Release : Cook Islands Tripartite Advisory Council Inaugural Meeting


Cook Islands Tripartite Advisory Council Inaugural Meeting

As a recent member state of the ILO, the Cook Islands held the inaugural meeting for the Tripartite Advisory Council on Thursday 15th of December 2016. Supported by cabinet decision CM (16) 312 of 23 August 2016, representatives from the Workers, Employers and Government met to adopt their terms of reference establishing the Council as an advisory organ on all matters related to labour.

Tripartism is a foundational principle and a fundamental value of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and can be defined as “the interaction of government, employers and workers as equal and independent partners to seek solutions” to labour issues.

Other than their important advisory role, the Council will be responsible for appointing technical working groups related to matters such as the Minimum Wage Review. The Council’s aim is to support Government in establishing Decent Work and productive employment as key elements to achieving a fair globalization, reducing poverty and achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Their next meeting is scheduled for April 2017.

For any additional queries, kindly contact the Secretariat of the Council, which is the Division of Labour and Consumer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.




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Sandrina Thondoo, Director of Labour: