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Press release

Press release

Labour and Consumer Division meet with the Students Entrepreneurs.


The Labour and Consumer Division from the Ministry of Internal Affairs met with the students from the Pa Enua, participating in the BCI Business Challenge Trade Day.


This was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the legal rights and obligation in the business world. As the Director of Labour and Consumer explained, these young entrepreneurs represent the future of our economic prosperity. They are the next generation of employers and traders and therefore should be made aware of the legal responsibility coming with that status. The aim of the presentation was to expose the students to the contents of the Employment Relations Act 2012, the Fair Trading Act 2008 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 2008. Acknowledging the importance of financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship skills, the Director added that knowledge and awareness of the legal framework was also key to owning and driving a successful business. The feedback from both the students and the teachers was positive and request was extended to have this presentation included in the regular annual preparation for the BCI Business Challenge Event.

July Price Order

The Price Tribunal has issued the July Price Order 04/2017 for Rarotonga and all islands reflecting reductions in prices for petrol, diesel and LPG.

There is a 7 cent per litre decrease in the maximum wholesale and retail prices for petrol on Rarotonga, a 2 cent per litre decreases for diesel and a 5 cents per kg decrease in LPG. The maximum retail price that petrol can be sold to the public on Rarotonga is $2.03 cents per litre, $2.00 per litre for diesel and $4.16 per kg for LPG.

“The price reductions reflect an oversupply in fuel which has placed some downward pressure on global prices for petrol and diesel,” stated Price Tribunal President, Tatiana Burn, “however, despite the marked drop in global prices for LPG over May and June, we are expecting larger LPG price reductions to the Cook Islands will appear over future price orders later this year.”

Price Order 4/2017 sets the maximum allowable retail prices for petrol, diesel and LPG on Rarotonga and all Pa Enua. Full details of the new prices are contained in the new published price order and can also be accessed by contacting the Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The new prices will take effect from 15 July 2017 and will remain in force for the next two months until the next price order is issued in September 2017. Price inspections will be carried out and breach orders will be issued where there is non-compliance.

Consumers should expect to see the new prices clearly displayed at service stations for these price controlled

Price Order 04.2017


Ministry of Internal Affairs