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S.I.F – Funding Applications open

                                                  MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS


                                               Cook Islands Social Impact Fund

                                        Request for Proposals – Programme Funding


The Social Impact Fund (SIF) is a contestable Fund to assist delivery of priority social services by Civil Society Organisations and is administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Registered Cook Islands Civil Society Organisations are now invited to tender for Programme Funding in the following priority areas:-

Gender Equality; Children & Youth; the Elderly; Disability; Domestic Violence; Mental Health.

For further information and tender documents please visit

Or the Ministry of Internal Affairs website:

SIF Policy edit New Reporting PRG PRJ 2016 Final

Or contact person :

Angeline Tuara:

Phone: +682 29 378


Tenders close: 3.00pm (CI Time) Tuesday 28 February 2017.


Public Notice – Info Request

The Labour and Consumer Division would kindly invite all Business Owners in Rarotonga and the Outer Islands to come forward with the following information to assist in the creation of an e-database.

  • Name of Company
  • Name of Contact Person
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Total Number of Employees.


You can contact our office via phone 29-370 or via email: or via Facebook message:




Press Release –

The Labour and Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in the process of creating a contact list of all businesses in Rarotonga and the Outer Islands. Having such a comprehensive and up-to-date contact list will largely facilitate the communication between the Ministry and all Stakeholders on labour matters and information about employee and employer rights and duties by email or otherwise. At this stage, there are two important activities planned to be rolled out as from January 2017: the Labour Inspections and the Employer Liability Insurance Scheme. For the Consumer Division, the newly appointed Senior Consumer Advisor, Mr Papaterai William, will actively engage with Stakeholders in regards to consumer rights and complaints.

All Businesses are therefore invited to contact our office via email, phone or Facebook to provide the necessary contact details. Public notices will be published during the month of January as a friendly reminder. The Labour and Consumer Division appreciates and thanks all its valued Stakeholders for their collaboration.

Press Release : Cook Islands Tripartite Advisory Council Inaugural Meeting


Cook Islands Tripartite Advisory Council Inaugural Meeting

As a recent member state of the ILO, the Cook Islands held the inaugural meeting for the Tripartite Advisory Council on Thursday 15th of December 2016. Supported by cabinet decision CM (16) 312 of 23 August 2016, representatives from the Workers, Employers and Government met to adopt their terms of reference establishing the Council as an advisory organ on all matters related to labour.

Tripartism is a foundational principle and a fundamental value of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and can be defined as “the interaction of government, employers and workers as equal and independent partners to seek solutions” to labour issues.

Other than their important advisory role, the Council will be responsible for appointing technical working groups related to matters such as the Minimum Wage Review. The Council’s aim is to support Government in establishing Decent Work and productive employment as key elements to achieving a fair globalization, reducing poverty and achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Their next meeting is scheduled for April 2017.

For any additional queries, kindly contact the Secretariat of the Council, which is the Division of Labour and Consumer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.




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Expected Date of Release: Friday 23th November 2016


Sandrina Thondoo, Director of Labour:

Public Holiday Entitlements during this Festive Season!

Press Release

Public Holiday Entitlements during this Festive Season!

This year, both Christmas and New Year’s public holidays fall over the weekend and for some industries that work right through the festivities, the question of worker’s entitlements is a concern. Following legal advice, the Labour and Consumer Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to inform you about your rights and obligations under the Employment Relations Act 2012 (ERA) and the Public Holidays Act 1999 (PHA).

Under the PHA Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Day after New Year’s Day are deemed public holidays and are the minimum public holiday entitlement for all workers required to work on those days. Section 3(2) of the PHA provides that when these public holidays fall on a Saturday or a Sunday, the holiday shall be observed respectively on the following Monday and Tuesday. Section 38(2)(a) to (d) of the ERA enables employee and employer negotiations over how to deal with public holiday entitlements, for example, either paid double time, or single pay and time in lieu or given an extra annual leave day.

If workers are required to work on the public holidays as well as the days to be observed as public holidays, that is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, workers are entitled as a minimum to be compensated under section 38(2)(a) to (d) of the ERA for working those days. Striving for Decent Work standards across the country, employers are therefore encouraged to adopt a fair and reasonable approach in implementing section 3(2) of the PHA and section 38(2)(a) to (d) of the ERA during this festive season.

The Labour and Consumer Division wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 to all our valued stakeholders. Any additional queries may be sent by email on or by phone.


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Sandrina Thondoo, Director of Labour and Consumer Division,

Ministry of Internal Affairs.