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Funding to improve economic empowerment of women and reduce domestic violence

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has signed service agreements with 5 key service providers valued at $614,000 over 3 years to support economic empowerment of women and eliminate violence against women, as part of the Australian Government funded Gender Equality and Empowerment Project.

“I’m looking forward to the roll out of these projects,” stated Secretary of Internal Affairs, Bredina Drollet, “and I would like to thank the various organisations and people that have given their time and assisted in developing these projects”.

The Chamber of Commerce will take on a lead role in coordinating activities that increase economic opportunities for women already in business or proposing to start up a business.

The Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) will provide both formal and informal training programmes and certificates which will help women learn more about business and business management.

These business courses will be supplemented by a mentoring programme which the Chamber of Commerce will coordinate to ensure that women in business who attend the CITTI courses have access to ongoing advice and guidance for their business development.

The National Disability Council will coordinate a programme that offers study, training and support into employment for women and girls with disabilities.

Punanga Tauturu (PTI) will lead the activity on eliminating violence against women. This is a specialist area in which they have worked for many years in collaboration with other key agencies – Police, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and a local men’s counselling service.

PTI will be responsible for developing a coordinated referral services policy, with support of relevant Government agencies, and has been provided with funding to enable women in need to access legal advisory services which were previously not available to them.

Training on improving public services in domestic violence cases will be provided by PTI on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua. The National Council of Women will provide advocacy services and training for women based on the results of the Ministry of Health’s 2014 Family Health and Safety Survey.

The Gender Project is funded by the Australian Government through the harmonised New Zealand Aid Programme. The funding is part of a $300 million commitment over 10 years to the Pacific under the Pacific Women Shaping Development Initiative.


Bredina Drollet, Secretary
Ph 29370

Increased Social Impact Funds to help the most Vulnerable

8 June 2015


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Budget 2015/16 – Increased Social Impact Funds to help the most Vulnerable

Minister for Internal Affairs announces increased funding to the Social Impact Fund to help the most vulnerable.

Minister for Internal Affairs, the Honourable Albert Nicholas, outlined that the Government will provide an ongoing annual increase to the Social Impact Fund of $60,000 from 1 July 2015.

Minister Nicholas pointed out the areas of great need. “These funds will be specifically dedicated to assist with the provision of services by NGO’s in the Pa Enua, particularly in the areas of mental health and disabilities.”

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bredina Drollet, welcomed the increased resources.  Drollet pointed out that whilst there has been a steady increase in the effort to address mental health and disability issues in Rarotonga, there was a need to reach out to communities in the Pa Enua who face the challenges which present in looking after family with disabilities or mental health issues.

The Social Impact Fund is a joint fund supported by the Cook Islands Government and the New Zealand Aid programme. Established in 2012, it provides contestable financial grant funding to nongovernmental organisations for the delivery of services in social priority areas identified by Government including disabilities, women and domestic violence.


EEW Taskforce Meeting 28 May 2015

EEW Taskforce Meeting 28 May 2015

Community groups who have been allocated funds from the Australian Aid Gender Equality Project, met today to present their proposed programmes and activities to the Economic Empowerment for Women Taskforce team. The funded agencies are the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute, the Chamber of Commerce and the National Disability Council. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was also attended by representatives of the Creative Centre, Rotaianga, and the Ministry of Marine Resources.

Economic Empowerment for Women Taskforce meeting

Economic Empowerment for Women Taskforce meeting

Eliminating Violence Against Women Taskforce meeting

Members of the Eliminating Violence Aganst Women Taskforce team met together at their regular end of month Meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Punanga Tauturu (PTI) and the National Council of Women (NCW) presented the activities they have designed to help our communities to eliminate violence in the home. PTI have developed a legal advisory service for women who don’t normally have access to lawyers.  Many thanks to the lawyers on Rarotonga who have given their services to this programme.  PTI also plan to provide VAW and CEDAW training for public servants. NCW plan to provide advocacy for women on Rarotonga and the outer islands. The meeting was also attended by members of the Police Department, and the Ministry of Health.

VAW Taskforce Meeting 27 May 2015

VAW Taskforce Meeting 27 May 2015

First Disability Inclusive Development Newsletter

Click here to read Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Disability Inclusive Development Newsletter  In  this issue you will find:

p1 New Minister visits Disability Office

P2 Mangaia Disability Stakeholders trained; Diability Database Development in Progress; CRPD training opened eyes.

p3 Aitutaki participants grateful; Including you women with disabilities

p4 Inclusion promoted in schools; CINDC representatives in Geneva; Well done to Helen and Margret

p5 Inclusive Education Snapshots

p6 Disability Inclusion vital for Social Development





Tenders are sought for the sale of a Nissan Patrol truck1998 GA80 and a Daihatsu Hi-jet Van 2003 GA279.

For viewing contact Eva Mapu on Phone 29370

Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted

Send written tender in a sealed envelope marked “Nissan Patrol Truck 1998 GA80” OR  “Daihatsu Hi-jet Van 2003 GA279”

Address to: Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs
PO Box 98, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Tender closes on Friday 10th April 2015


INTAFF helps to fundraise for young dance troupe

INTAFF staff are generally well known for their support of community activities, and recently participated in a fundraiser in support of a young dance troupe’s cultural visit to Hawaii and the United States. Many of the youngsters have never left the Cook Islands before therefore the whole experience is eagerly anticipated.

The event was on a Friday night, a staff team was selected, the game was bowls. Fortunately we were able to supply one bowler in our team, Teremoana, who gave as good advice as could be absorbed by the other members of the team – Bredina, Maureen and a ring-in from Te Ipukarea Society, Liam Kokaua.

INTAFF Fundraising Bowling Team

INTAFF Fundraising Bowling Team

Media Release from Cook Islands NCW

Press Release from Cook Islands National Council of Women

Te Toka Ti’avā o te Baseleia – The Cornerstone of the Nation

On Sunday, 8 March, marking International Women’s Day, the closing ceremony of the conference and Biennial Meeting of the Cook Islands National Council of Women (CINCW) will be held.

The closing will reflect on the achievements of the CINCW in its work to empower women and their families in governance, social and economic development, as well as cultural, religious and environmental projects and advocacy activities.

Such activities have included supporting women leaders for upcoming local government elections, and sensitising men and families on the role of women in decision making. CINCW has supported women in business through a revolving credit fund for handicrafts and business mentoring. Water security and coastal zone rehabilitation activities have been supported to help communities adapt to climate change in Pa Enua.

CINCW has also played a key role in nationwide research into gender based violence, produced ‘The Island Night’ short film, and bringing the NGO perspective to government reports and gender mainstreaming. The organisation has also represented women who have been discriminated against using human rights conventions.

“It has been a very busy and productive two years” noted CINCW President Vaine Wichman, “we have achieved a lot but we would like to expand some of our ‘pilot projects’ to more areas in the Pa Enua”.

“Looking forward to the next two years, we will be using the results of recently completed research by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to contribute to government policies and projects for the economic empowerment of women”.

“We will be supporting the roll out of policies and programmes developed to reduce and prevent gender based violence. And of course we will continue to work alongside MINTAFF in implementing the National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.”